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A Little Bit About Us
Tyson Isham and Tennyson Fauver
Tyson Isham
Tyson Isham
We entrepreneurs are the type to jump off a cliff and attempt to assemble airplane on the way down...

If you’re anything like me, you have moments where you repeatedly kick yourself. You spend days or even months banging your head against a wall until the answer to your problem becomes very obvious and turns out to be embarrassingly simple. 

Since you’re on our site, I assume you’ve finally come to the realization that unless you actively put yourself and your business out there, you won’t get customers. Congratulations! I remember that “A-HA!” moment well!

I remember how hard I worked to build my first business. It was a dental assisting school. 

I met my partner, who had a dental assisting class that she was teaching in a traditional brick and mortar dental office. It did ok. Costs were low, margins were high, but volume was low. 

I was in business school at the time, and I had this brilliant idea, “Let’s take the school online!” So I presented it to her, and she agreed!

I took on the role of administrator, student finance guy, I.T. guy, Web developer, Legal Department, Accounting, Video creator/editor… Basically everything but teaching and course development, although I was fairly involved in that as well.

I worked hard to be the best. I made sure that we had the best product on the market. I made sure that we could certify dental assistants and find employment placement for them in all 50 states. Having a business that could help people, at a fair price, with a very high quality product felt good, and, I expected a tidal wave of students!..

Then… *Crickets*…

I worked so hard on that business. I made it my baby. But despite all my efforts to be the best, I was barely paying my bills. 

It was around this time that I went to a small business development center looking for council. I thought that maybe someone there could help me identify what I was doing wrong. I mean, working 18+ hour days with no payoff was starting to take its toll.

This is when the word “marketing” first surfaced. 

I had advisors teach me that unless I was actively promoting my business with a quality marketing strategy, I would never get the traction I was looking for, even if I had the best product on the market. 

So, I decided to dedicate all of my energy to figuring out how to get my business in front of the right people. I spent countless hours, I found mentors, I spent money I didn’t have, and in the end, I got addicted to the process. Marketing had become my new passion. And finally, the business began to turn around! 

In the end, unfortunately, my partner and I had differences we couldn’t resolve, and we ultimately went our separate ways. But, I left with confidence because I had my newfound passion!

 I had learned how to make any business profitable with proper marketing. So I began applying my knowledge and experience; helping other people grow their businesses by consulting and taking charge of their digital marketing.

Since then, I founded TI Marketing and have recruited and vetted close partners who have the same, or even greater skill-level than myself. We have carried out many successful campaigns, and will continue to do so.

We always stay abreast of the changes in the marketing world, and we will always apply the most cutting edge techniques and practices to ensure that our clients dominate in their respective industries.
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