Your Role As The Entrepreneur

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Quote from DOTCOM SECRETS by Russel Brunson “As the entrepreneur for my companies, one of my primary jobs is to identify where the veins of gold are located. This task is not for the person buying the ads, optimizing the ads, or picking the keywords, etc. That’s like expecting a building contractor to know how to pour the foundation, frame the house, put up the sheet rock, and run the electricity. A contractor does not need to know how to do all of those things to build a house. In fact, if he did do all of those things, It […]

just some answers for frequent chatbot questions I get asked including payments inside chatbots

Questions You Asked About Chatbots – Answered + payments inside chatbots!

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So, some of you asked for me to answer a few common chatbot questions during a live show I was on today, including a question about payments inside chatbots. Below is a quick rundown of my answers, and an invitation! Q: How to initially test a concept before building. as in, should you “be the bot” in the beginning to understand the interactions people want and then design the bot around these in the future A: So, you can test a concept before building using Should you “be the bot” in the beginning? To an extent, yes. There are […]

How to accept payments inside messenger with manychat

How To Accept Payments Inside Messenger With Manychat Chat Bots

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What’s up, guys? Let’s talk about how to accept payments inside Messenger with ManyChat. I know there is a lot of interest out there for the ability to accept chatbot payments from customers with ManyChat since Messenger opened up the ability for these Messenger bot builder softwares to accept payments, or rather, allow their users to accept payments inside the platform. There is one thing that stands in the way, however, and that is the fact that Facebook requires an application process with their final approval before a platform is allowed to use the payment ability. This is the primary reason […]

If you need to collect emails from your facebook messenger subscribers, this is the way to do it with your bot

How to collect emails inside Manychat

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The process itself is very simple. Inside of any message building area Use the “user input” feature Select email address as the input Create a custom field for the email addresses Any questions, just shoot me a message at Getting email subscribers from your Messenger subscribers has never been easier than now. ManyChat has created an email collection option inside of the user input tool. All you have to do is start using it. Email marketing and Messenger marketing should go hand in hand. Although they are unique, they both have the potential to produce a huge ROI. You, […]

Messenger bot marketing is the future . Here's how it changed my business and here's how you can start using it in your business as well.

How Chatbots Skyrocketed My Digital Marketing Business

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At this point, if you haven’t heard of chatbots, you’re on the side of… well… the majority. But if you haven’t used a chatbot, you’re in the stone age. I’ll elaborate. Have you met Siri? Yes, Siri who lives inside your iPhone Siri. How about Alexa? From Amazon? How about this; have you ever used an automated phone system where you had to say a word or phrase to be connected to the right person? Well, these are all examples of AI Chatbots. The concept of chatbots is nothing new, but the new innovations for business are new. Several Silicon Valley […]

Strategies to Kick Off Your Local SEO On A Tight Budget

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Strategies to Kick Off Local SEO On A Tight Budget Right out of the gate, let’s get rid of the notion that SEO is dead. Yes, yes, you all get emails and phone calls from a company wanting to do your SEO services all the time… It’s annoying… I Get it… However, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not only here to stay, it’s a growing industry worth billions! And for good reason. When a business is at the top of a Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page), it gets an inordinate amount of leads. It’s a competitive advantage tantamount to […]