Messenger bot marketing is the future . Here's how it changed my business and here's how you can start using it in your business as well.

How Chatbots Skyrocketed My Digital Marketing Business

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At this point, if you haven’t heard of chatbots, you’re on the side of… well… the majority. But if you haven’t used a chatbot, you’re in the stone age.

I’ll elaborate. Have you met Siri? Yes, Siri who lives inside your iPhone Siri. How about Alexa? From Amazon? How about this; have you ever used an automated phone system where you had to say a word or phrase to be connected to the right person? Well, these are all examples of AI Chatbots.

The concept of chatbots is nothing new, but the new innovations for business are new. Several Silicon Valley giants, namely Google, Apple, Facebook, among others, have spent Billions developing this tech and they are toting it (bots) as the “app” of the next 10 years. Let that sink in. Remember how big and lucrative apps were over the last 10 years? Welcome now, to bots.

Those are some interesting talking points, but now I’ll tell you how chatbots changed my business.

I am an internet marketer by trade. My company helps clients with businesses both on and offline generate leads and sales through internet marketing tools and strategies.

Well, if you’re a business owner, you know as well as I do, how often business owners are pestered by internet marketers. “Can I do your SEO? Can I run your Social Media? Can I design your website?” I’m sure you hear these questions MULTIPLE times per day, and frankly, you just tune them out because you’ve heard these pitches at nauseam… Besides, how would you know whether that marketer could produce a real ROI or not?

Like many other marketers, I struggled with an extremely low success rate in the client acquisition department, or at least I wasn’t seeing the success rate I thought I should be having.

Enter, Chatbot Marketing!

I was introduced to chatbot marketing through a webinar. I remember seeing the title and thinking, this could be something… I feel like I shouldn’t ignore this one, and I’m glad I didn’t!

In the webinar, I was reminded of (or learned for the first time) several important things.

1. The majority of customers would rather text than call a business

2. The top 4 messaging apps have more active users than the top 4 social media apps

3. Facebook was now allowing businesses to build and use automated messaging bots inside of messenger

4. People were calling this email 2.0

Now, this stood out to me because email marketing is the number ONE way to make sales online. This is true even though average performance for email campaigns is around a 15% open rate and a 3% clickthrough rate.

What really made this stand out to me? These Facebook Messenger Bot campaigns were getting at least 80% open rates and at least 50% clickthrough rates! They are over 5 times more likely to be opened and read, and over 16 times more likely to be clicked once open. That is over 80 TIMES MORE OPPORTUNITY TO PRODUCE A SALE!

I immediately understood what was going on and where the industry was shifting, so I completely pivoted my business to a focus on Messenger Bot Marketing.

I went out and started pitching this to clients. Unlike when I pitched other forms of internet marketing, people weren’t rolling their eyes at me… Oh, no señor… Their jaws were dropping!

Now, do we still do other forms of marketing? Yes. I have people on my team who are masters in every discipline of internet marketing, from SEO, to copywriting, to web development, to social media advertising, you name it. BUT, I have shifted our focus to the now and the future, which is chatbot marketing, and in 2017, it’s Facebook Messenger Bot marketing.

I encourage you to check out chatbots, and more specifically, Messenger bots for your own business. If you’re a marketer, learn how to use them, not only to grow your own business but to provide game changing results for your clients.

Peace ✌️

-Tyson Isham

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