just some answers for frequent chatbot questions I get asked including payments inside chatbots

Questions You Asked About Chatbots – Answered + payments inside chatbots!

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So, some of you asked for me to answer a few common chatbot questions during a live show I was on today, including a question about payments inside chatbots. Below is a quick rundown of my answers, and an invitation!

Q: How to initially test a concept before building. as in, should you “be the bot” in the beginning to understand the interactions people want and then design the bot around these in the future

A: So, you can test a concept before building using botmock.com. Should you “be the bot” in the beginning? To an extent, yes. There are certain assumptions you should work from, then you need to allow for places where you jump into the conversation and you need to monitor the conversations. Certain “holes” will become apparent and you can adjust. The results? I’ve had many people comment to me that they can’t tell when it’s me or the bot talking to them. This process has created a very human experience.

Q: You can bring more people aware of the opportunities that are there in businesses when you use chatbots

A: We have certainly done this and we will be continuing to share with more businesses. Today we covered limousine businesses. If you would like me to cover any specific business or industry, let me know.

Q: Payments inside Chatbots

A: This is going to a key point for many businesses. The payments are still evolving, but I’m currently using them inside my own chatbot and plan to integrate it for my clients soon. In the future, look for integrated shopping carts, more payment processors, and cards stored inside Messenger.

I hope you enjoyed these chatbot questions and answers. If you haven’t already, you have to see what the buzz is all about, Go test-drive my bot now to see the possibilities!

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