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Quote from DOTCOM SECRETS by Russel Brunson
“As the entrepreneur for my companies, one of my primary jobs is to identify where the veins of gold are located. This task is not for the person buying the ads, optimizing the ads, or picking the keywords, etc. That’s like expecting a building contractor to know how to pour the foundation, frame the house, put up the sheet rock, and run the electricity. A contractor does not need to know how to do all of those things to build a house. In fact, if he did do all of those things, It would take 10 times longer to get the job done. Instead, he understands the pieces that need to be in place to build a house, and then he hires the electrician to do the wiring and the sheet rock guy to put up the sheet rock.
Your job as the entrepreneur is to understand the strategy behind these DotComSecrets and then hire the Facebook guy to run the Facebook ads and the Google guy to run the Google ads. To this day, I’ve never once run a Google or a Facebook ad, yet I’ve made millions on both platforms. I understand the strategy, and then I set up systems and hire people who are great at the tactics. And this way, we all do what we are best at.
Because I know this division of labor works, I’m not going to go into every detail on how to run the ads in this book. Instead, I want you to focus on the strategy. Then, you can build a system and have your team understand the strategy behind the three types help you to implement it. In the next chapter, I’m going to help you understand the strategy behind the three types of traffic, and we will pinpoint your only goal when driving traffic online.”
If you like the quote, here’s a link to get the book free. I HIGHLY recommend it.
-Tyson Isham

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